15 Steps to Becoming a Locavore

A How to Guide

1. Buy foods in season & learn to enjoy!
2. Support & visit local farms – understand & learn about where your food comes from.
3. Check out farm stands & CSA’S (community supported agriculture) as well as consider joining buying clubs.
4. Become a local “hunter-gatherer” – learn the seasons on what is available when & where in your region. Pick your
5. Feast on locavore cuisine often – cook as much as you can locally & share with others!
6. Party on locally; focus on local foods for family gatherings, fundraisers, and community events. Hire a caterer who follows this mission as well when necessary.
7. Teach your children – engaging the next generations are most important for saving our planet Earth. Use your family, classroom & children’s sporting events as a starting point!
8. Search out local foods when dining out. Make choices to dine by local owned establishments that support foods that have a sustainable impact.
9. Start a garden – grow your own – it cost less and the rewards feel great. Raised beds, small plots, patio pots, windowsills and community gardens all count!
10. Volunteer – start or support your local farmers market, community gardens, and schools, – it shows you care!
11. Support your community – use your network to recycle, reuse & reduce wasted items by giving to local food pantry’s, community gardens, shelters, etc…Check out http://donorsresource.org/ .
12. Eat & serve less meat – offer greater portions of vegetables & fruit – remember the food pyramid rule of thumb of 5-6 servings per day!
13. Give local foods as gifts from your home or region – homemade jams, cobblers, cookies, local beer & wines, herb gardens and lettuce bowls are gifts that are always appreciated!
14. Practice Agri tourism – research local foods from the region your visiting while away. Artisan cheeses, local charcuteries, wineries, farms, nurseries, bakeries, markets, candy factories, fruit stands, wineries & breweries are just a starting point!
15. Make a difference by sharing your new found treasures & passion with your community – friends, family, school, & community. Get others involved!

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