These are difficult times. Remember each who has passed was a mother, daughter,  father, son , sister, brother, relative, friend, co worker, or acquaintance to someone who may be in attendance to pay their last respects.

Frame the event as a celebration of this persons life. Share old photo’ s, awards, career achievements, love of hobbies and interests plus anything that will help us honor these individuals.

Locations to gather post service may be the funeral home, church hall, a rented facility, a loved ones home, parks, travel hotels, and a host of other facilities.

Plan foods and beverages according to time of day. Because many of these types of events are held early in the day; menus revolve around luncheons, snacks, brunch, appetizer and sweet style menus. When planning, consider the fact you as the planner can only use best estimates as to how many may be in attendance. Utilize food items that will offer latitude to accept extra guests should you have that demand. Offer a variety of beverages including alcohol when appropriate. Consider the ages of the attendees (from young to old in most instances).  Choices that allow something for everyone is best.

Thoughts about timing and coordination. If the family chooses to go graveside  after the event, you may not capture all the attendees who have come to pay last respects. A neighbor or family friend may be enlisted to unlock a facility or home as so your vendors may be prepared for early arriving guests.

Other suggestions to make an affair to remember include: memory note trees, multi media presentations, slide shows, honoring by inclusion of favorite foods or recipes,  and inclusion of  children and speakers.

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