Sustainability Mission Statement

Recycle at Work



DeAngelo’s Catering cares
for our environment.

We practice the following procedures each day in our operations:


  • We compost food waste at our production facility as part of our pilot program with the City of Tigard.
  • We donate leftover foods regularly to agencies locally on our customer’s behalf.
  • We recycle film and ink cartridges, office paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, plastic, tin, aluminum, glass, cooking oil, and animal fat renderings.
  • All of the disposable products we provide at events are recycled.
  • Our advertising and marketing materials are print on recycled paper.
  • Client proposals and communication practices include electronic transmittals via e-mail as to reduce paper use.
  • We use digital photography and social media to document our services for marketing.
  • China, flatware, and glass rental is made available, as well as reusable centerpieces, event décor, display pieces and all natural environments.
  • Display materials, props, floral, and buffet décor is reused, recycled or donated.
  • Plastic service ware items are recycled or reused when requested.
  • Biodegradable service ware items are available for customers.
  • Our ware washing and cleaning practices include environmentally friendly soaps and detergents whenever possible.
  • We encourage alternative transportation and carpooling for our staff for large events to reduce auto emissions.
  • DeAngelo’s Catering and Events takes pride in being a company that assists in a sustainable future for our environment.

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