The Process-old

First things first:

Begin with the Basics


When? Date and Time of your Big Day! – be flexible

Where? Venue – think of the ideal setting.

Who? Number of Guests

Style?  Determine style of wedding & reception; formality, colors, size, theme.

How? Consider your Budget


Once the basics are set in motion, you’ll want to begin considering your catering choices.  After all, who doesn’t love to eat?

Determine Suggested Menu
We are an experienced team of creative caterers who can help you create the perfect menu for your big day.  Review our suggested menus on the following pages, or we are happy to custom design menus for you if you have specific choices in mind. We will work together to create the right menu for your special day.


Service Options
How you and your guests are served on your big day is another element to consider.

Choose a Service Style
Consider passed hors d’oeuvres, buffets, plated, and Chef- Attended Stations.