Wedding Planning Thoughts for Cost Efficiancy

DeAngelo’s Catering and Events offers the following advice for planning an affair to remember that stays within budget.

  • Plan outside of the normal season for savings (June through September).
  • If summer is your only choice – look beyond Saturdays – midweek weddings are more popular than ever and can allow for better pricing.
  • Consider daytime weddings and use a brunch or lunch style menu.
  • Hold the wedding at the home of a family member or private estate.
  • Plan ahead – premium dates go fast.
  • Review the catering deposit amount – DeAngelo’s Catering policy is just 10% of invoice total to “save the date”. Many caterers charge 50% of the invoice to secure services.
  • Understand the term “service fee or service charge” many times this is based on a variety of items and sometimes attached to the entire invoice- standard rates are now 15-25%. DeAngelo’s Catering charges an 18% service charge on food & beverage totals only.
  • Menu selection is critical to overall costs; consider these alternatives to “dinner style” menus: Brunch, Lunch, Garden Parties, and Afternoon Tea, Cocktail or Dessert only receptions.
  • Limit alcohol selections – Beer & Wine are less expensive than hard liquor.
  • Serve a “specialty cocktail” if hard liquor is a must as a first drink.
  • Choose menus that reflect seasonal choices.
  • Consider small plates, stations or reduce protein portion sizes.
  • Invite carefully – weddings are celebrations for close friends and family members. Caterers usually charge “per head”.
  • Children- If you are having them, track their ages- some instances this can result in cost savings. Also consider their food choices when menu planning.
  • Remember that cheaper isn’t better – do not settle for less than you expect
  • Create a realistic catering budget; a good starting point is to consider you are buying everyone in attendance a meal & drinks. Ask yourself how do you like to dine? And where?
  • Realize all the extras beyond food & beverages, linens, service ware, canopies, lighting, delivery fees, and servers are just a few of the normal items that affect overall event costs.
  • Eliminate alcohol altogether, serve upscale nonalcoholic beverages as an alternative.
  • Use price ranges when budgeting. Create a comfort zone that you can afford to spend.
  • Separate your needs from your wants when budgeting. Consider the must haves, the nice to haves, and the items you can eliminate.
  • Consider dessert alternatives to traditional cakes.
  • Use creative partners that offer bundled services or one stop shopping.

The following guidelines are designed to assist you in creating a memorable experience for you and your guests. Call the team of experts at DeAngelo’s Catering and Events at 503-620-9020 for a no obligation consultation.

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